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Usage Analysis

Using the latest technology in home energy monitoring systems, ECA Maui provides you with an extensive analysis of existing energy systems.

Consumer Advocacy

Need some help making sense of your energy quotes? Wondering about “install now, pay later” quotes? ECA Maui can guide you.

Bill Reduction

Are your energy bills are too high? Perhaps you’re ready to buy a photovoltaic system, but aren’t sure where to start? ECA Maui is just the place.

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Troubleshooting your Solar Hot Water System

Having trouble with your solar hot water system? Here are some potential problems and solutions. No Hot Water – Check that the water heater circuit breakers are in the “ON” position.  Turn the switch on the timer to “ON” and wait 15 minutes.  If the water doesn’t heat up, turn the timer switch and water

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Maintaining your Solar Water Heating System

Here are some of the things your can do to maintain your solar hot water heater, from annual inspection to major tune-ups.

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