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Troubleshooting your Solar Hot Water System

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Having trouble with your solar hot water system? Here are some potential problems and solutions.

No Hot Water – Check that the water heater circuit breakers are in the “ON” position.  Turn the switch on the timer to “ON” and wait 15 minutes.  If the water doesn’t heat up, turn the timer switch and water heater circuit breakers off and remove the top access cover on the tank with a Phillips screwdriver.  Remove the insulation.  Check that the thermostat is set between 110 and 120.  Press the red button.  You should hear a click and the water will start heating when you turn the power back on.  You may be able to hear it boil.  If the button wasn’t popped out, call a service person or contact ECA for more info.

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Maintaining your Solar Water Heating System

Maui Oceanfront Solar PanelsSolar water heating systems usually require very little maintenance.  However, if you do that little bit of maintenance the system can last 50% to 100% longer.  The recommended schedule is an annual service and a major tuneup every 5 years.

 Annual Service

There are two parts to the annual service, tank/panel flush to eliminate buildup of calcites and dirt and system inspection.  The flushing method depends on which part of the island you live in.  If you live in a part of the island with a lot of dirt in the water the Complete Flush is needed each year.  For most of the island only the Short Flush is needed for years 1 – 4 and the Complete Flush every 5 years.

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